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11/11/2016 by Mark Salmon

Here are some common questions that we get asked about this website:

How Do I Submit or Add My Property For Rent To This Website?

*** For detailed instructions on submitting your property, here is a helpful PDF entitled ‘How To Submit A Listing on Menorca Homestay‘ (Click The Link)

How Do I Rent or Book A Property On This Website?

How Do I Complete The Pricing Section When Submitting or Adding A Property For Rent?

How Do I Contact A Property Owner Via The Messaging System?

How Does The Invoicing System Work?

Only owners will have Reservation Fee invoices. These are the invoices he/she has issued for his/her own properties from booking requests received.

This is how the page looks in front end – in user dashboard, for Booking Requests.

invoice4All owners will see invoices (if applicable) for Paid Listings, Featured Listings, Paid listing with Featured, or Membership Fees. (Admin will select what kind of submission is possible.)


How Do I Contact The Website Owner For Support?

Please contact us via our Contact Page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise My Rental Property On Your Website?

£100 per annum for a standard property ad submission or £150 per annum for a ‘Featured Ad’ which displays more prominently on the website.

Why Is Registration Required To Book A Property Rental?

– First of all, not wanting to register to contact the owner or send a booking is like wanting to have an email account without a way to identify yourself. And without registration, who will receive confirmation, who will receive invoices, messages or more important cancellation messages?

– Secondly, if someone makes a reservation and doesn’t remember the dates, price or other info, how to check that info as admin?

– Thirdly, how will someone who rents be able to get in touch with the owner? Right now the owner details are available after a confirmed booked and only for the user who makes that booking. If you don’t have an account, contact info cannot be shown.

– Another issue is related to payment – how to identify the user who pays the admin fee? What if he is doing fraud?

And these are just some of the issues that would happen without registration.

Besides that, no user who wants to book a room will leave because they need to have an account.

No one is comfortable to make a payment without having access to the reservation info, payment info and a way to communicate.

Also, the only way for admin to check the communication between the two parties and to make sure they are not doing business without you, is to use the internal message system – which requires registration.

How Does 'Owner Contact Info' Work?

Contact info on the owner page is hidden by default for non-registered users and registered users with NO confirmed booking.


Owner contact info shows only to users who have at least 1 confirmed booking or if the user checks his own profile. Admin can see all contact info by default.


Can An Owner Contact A User Submitting a Booking Request?

An Owner cannot see the contact info of the user submitting a booking request unless there is at least 1 confirmed booking between the Owner and the Booking User.  When there is a confirmed booking, the Owner can contact the user submitting a booking request via ‘My Inbox’ in his/her left hand menu.

How Does The Email Booking System Work?

When Sending A Booking Request 

A user sending a booking request sees this message in the booking form:


The Property Owner receiving the booking request gets this email message:

You have received a new booking request on!  Go to your account in Bookings page to see the request, issue the invoice or reject it! The property is: .

When sending invoice.

An invoice can only be sent by a property owner (if the admin fee is enabled)

A user sending the booking request gets this message:

An invoice was generated for your booking request on! A deposit will be required for booking to be confirmed. For more details check out your account My Reservations page.

A Property Owner receiving the booking request 

Has no email notification

When paying the invoice / when booking is confirmed

Invoice is paid by the user who sent the booking request (only if admin fee is enabled)

User sending the booking request gets this email

Your booking made on was confirmed! You can see all your reservations by logging into your account and visiting My Reservations page.

User receiving the booking request gets this email

Somebody confirmed a booking on! You should go and check it out!Please remember that the confirmation is made based on the payment confirmation of a non-refundable fee of the total invoice cost, processed through and sent to the website administrator.

When cancelling a confirmed booking request

User sending the booking request gets this email

One of your confirmed bookings on was cancelled by property owner.

User receiving the booking request

Has no email to receive

When cancelling an un-confirmed booking request by user who submits property / gets the booking request

The User sending the booking request gets this email:

One of your booking requests sent on was rejected by the owner. The rejected reservation is automatically removed from your account.

User receiving the booking (who submits the property) request 

Has no email to receive

When cancelling an un-confirmed booking request by user who sends the booking request

User sending the booking request 

Has no email to receive

Property Owner receiving the booking request gets this email: 

One of the unconfirmed booking requests you received on  was cancelled! The request is automatically deleted from your account!

Are There Any Property Letting Regulations in Menorca?

Yes there are.  This article gives you some guidance.

We want to make it clear that if you are letting property through this website, you are responsible for any liabilities, licenses or taxes relating to the letting of your property.

Any fee paid to us is an advertising or website administrative fee only.